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Reverse Gear
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Baker Reverse
5-Speed reverse $1799
6-Speed reverse $1849
The F6R kit adds a reverse gear to any existing 2006-later factory big twin 6 speed. The system is unlike any other on the market – it works off the stock shift lever. With a simple flip of the handlebar or dash mounted safety toggle switch and a kick of the shift lever you’re in reverse. It’s that simple. No reaching near hot pipes to put your bike in reverse by hand. With the BAKER reverse system you’ll be able to safely shift from 1st to reverse and back with no risk of engaging both gears at once. You’ll also find it’s much easier to find neutral than on a stock bike. Our reverse gears are fully heat treated, with diamond ground tooth profiles and cut from gear grade 8620 steel. Our gear ratios were chosen to make it easy for you to maneuver your bike in reverse. The overall 4.98:1 gear ratio in reverse is essentially a creeper gear, which is 45% shorter than the stock 3.34:1 first gear.

The F5R kit adds a reverse gear to any 1990-2006 big twin 5 speed. The contents in the F5R kit are similar to the F6R; door, side cover, countershaft, reverse gear train and hardware. Existing gearset (except countershaft), shift system and top cover will be re-used with the F5R installation. The F5R will be appreciated by those with heavy GVW applications (trikes, side cars and trailers) or those with compromised leg mobility. Also available as a 5 Speed Builder’s Kit with reverse, or as a complete transmission upgrade. No longer do you have to wrestle that large bagger out of a tight parking situation. You can safely and easily back up in reverse using the throttle and clutch. All reverse functions are on the handlebars and/or inner fairing. No reaching down near the hot exhaust to actuate reverse. By design it is mechanically impossible to be in reverse and a forward gear like other units on the market. Maintain the freedom of being powered by an American Big Twin – even in reverse!

- Will retrofit with BAKER DD5 or Stock H-D® 5-speed transmissions.

- Full complement of parts and detailed instructions included for an easy installation.

- Reverse is designed as a creeper gear for the safest operation possible.

- Reverse selection controlled by aircraft grade shifting solenoid & crank assembly. Electronic reverse safety lock out solenoid is energized with the handlebar mounted momentary toggle switch.

- No ‘accidentally’ shifting into reverse. Solenoids are only powered when the bike is in neutral and automatically turn ‘off’ when bike is shifted out of neutral.

- Redundant dual spring system on the shifting bell crank assembly make it is the safest reverse system on the market today.

- True ‘plug & play’ wiring harness. No using the starter motor for reverse maneuvers either.

- No case modifications required for reverse gearset installation.

- Backed by a 2 year limited warranty.
A true mechanical reverse gear that means you can stop worrying about how and where to park your bike or trike! This is one of our most popular accessories and belongs on your Wish List if it isn't already there!

From neutral, clutch-in, shift handle back, throttle gas & clutch-out to reverse your bike, sidecar or's that easy!
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