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View a Voyager Video, Motorcycle Jeff, The Trike Man
View a Voyager Video, Motorcycle Jeff, The Trike Man
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The motorcycles listed currently can be fitted with a Voyager Standard or a Voyager Classic Convertible Kit. The letter in parenthesis next to the bike is the frame used. Each motorcycle uses different mounting hardware and Voyager suspension part sizes varies from bike to bike. Click on photo gallery to view the Voyager Kit on motorcycles. IF YOU DO NOT SEE YOUR MOTORCYCLE LISTED BELOW, THAT DOES NOT MEAN WE DO NOT MAKE A KIT FOR YOUR BIKE. PLEASE CHECK THE LIST AGAIN, AND CALL US IF YOU DON’T SEE A LISTING FOR YOUR BIKE. 352-262-4673 Thank You, The Trike Man
* Legend 2003 (A)
•1980 BMW 800 (A)
•K 1100 LT (B)
•K 1200 LT (B)
•R 1200 C (A or B)
•R 1200 CL (A or B)
* 1996 Proglide (A)

• Many others are available (call)
•Sportsters (A)
•Dyna Family (A)
•Fat Boy (A)
•Soft tails (A)
•Road King Classic (A, B)
•Road King Standard (B)
•Street Glide (B)

•Road Glides (B)
•Electra Glides (B)
•Ultra Glides (B)

•All others are available (call)
•1000 Goldwing all (A-B)
•1100 Goldwing all (B)
•1200 Goldwing all(B)
•1500 Goldwing all (B)
•1800 Goldwing all (C)
•1999 Nighthawk 750
•Shadow 1100 A.C.E. all (D)
•CB 1000 Custom (1983) (B)
•CB 750 Super Sport (A)
•Honda CX 500 Deluxe (A)
•Honda Helix 250 all (A)
•Honda Rebel 250 all (A)
•Honda Rebel 450 ('86-'87)
•Honda Reflex 250 (A)
•Honda VTX 1300
•Hondamatic 750 (A)
•Hondamatic CM 400 & 450 (A)
•Magna 750 (A)
•Pacific Coast 800 (A)
•Shadow 1100 ('85-'91) (A)

•Shadow 1100 ACE (A or D)
•Shadow 1100 ACE Tourer (B)
•Shadow 1100 Aero (D)
•Shadow 750 Aero (D)

•Shadow Spirit 750 (A)
•Shadow 750 ACE (A)
•Shadow Sabre 1100 (A or D)
•Shadow Spirit 1100 (A)
•Shadow VLX 600 (A)
•Shadow VT 700 (A)
•Silver Wing 600 (A)
•Silver Wing 650 (B)
•ST1100 (B)
•ST1300 (A)
•Valkyrie (B)
•VTX 1800 C (A)
•VTX 1800 S (D)
•VTX 1800 R-N (D)

• All others are available (call)
•Chief 1999 - 2002 (B) •Chief 2003 (C or D) •Spirit 2002 (A)
•Drifter 1500 (B)
•Drifter 800 (A)
•Eliminator 600 1996 - 1997 (A)
•KZ 1000 (A)
•KZ 1100 (A)
•LTD 750 (A)
•Mean Streak 1500 (A)
•Mean Streak 1600 (A)
•Nomad 1500 (B)

•Nomad 1600 (B)

•Vulcan Voyager 1700 (C)

•Vulcan Nomad 1700 (C)

•Vulcan 1700 Classic (D)
•Voyager 1200 (B)
•Voyager 1300 (B)
•Vulcan 1500 (B)
•Vulcan 1600 (B)
•Vulcan 2000 (C or D)
•Vulcan 500 (A)
•Vulcan 750 (A)
•Vulcan 800 (A)
•Vulcan Classic 1500 (B)
•Vulcan Classic 800 (A)
•Vulcan Classic 900 (D)
•ZL 1000 (A)

•All others are available (call)
•California 1100 (B)
•California EV 1100 (B) •California III 1000 (B)
•Victory 1998-2002 (B)
•Victory CC 2003 (B)
• Victory Vision N/A
•Victory Kingpin 2006-2007 (D)
•Victory Kingpin 2004-2006 (D)
•Victory Sports Cruiser 2000-2001 (A) •Victory TC 2002-2003 (B)
•Victory Vegas 2003-2005 (A)
•Victory Vegas 8 Ball 2004-2005 (A)

• Victory Vision N/A
•2003 Ridley Auto-Glide 700 (A) •2004 Ridley Auto-Glide 740 (A) •2005-2006 Auto-Glide 700 (A) •2005-2006 Auto-Glide 740 (A)
•1979 GS 1000L (A or B) •Boulevard C109R/RT (C) •Boulevard C50 (D) •Boulevard C90 (A or B) •Boulevard M109R (A) •Boulevard M50 (A) •Boulevard S40 (A) •Boulevard S50 (A) •Boulevard S83 (A or B) •Burgman 650 (A) •Cavalcade 1400 (B) •Intruder 1400 (A or B) •Intruder 1500 (A or B) •Intruder 800 (A)
•Intruder Volusa 800 (D) •Marauder 800 (A)
•Savage 650 (A)

• All others are available (call)
•Road Star 1600 (C or D)
•Road Star 1700 (C or D)
•Road Star Warrior 1700 (B) •Roadliner 1850 (D)
•Royal Star 1300 (B)
•Stratoliner 1850 (C)
•V-Star 1100 Classic (C or D)
•V-Star 1100 Custom ( A or B)
•V-Star 1300 (D or C)
•V-Star 650 (A)
•Venture 1200 (B)
•Venture 1300 (B)
•Venture Royale 1200 (B)
•Venture Royale 1300 (B)
•Vigaro 250 (A)
•Virago 1000 (A)
•Virago 1100 (A)
•Virago 535 (A)
•Virago 750 (A)
•Virago 920 (A)

• All others are available (call)
Standard Kit

* A UNIT: Fits most cruiser motorcycles
* B UNIT: Fits most touring motorcycles
* C UNIT: Fits touring motorcycles with longer rear fender &/or wheel base
* D UNIT: Fits cruiser motorcycles with longer rear fender &/or wheel base
* A & D Unit: 55" outside dimension 36" inside fender width (D Unit is 3" longer than the A Unit)
* B & C Unit: 60" outside dimension 41" inside fender width (C Unit is 3" longer than the B Unit)

The frame size listed for each bike is recommended. A customer may choose to use a wider frame than listed if they intend to go to a larger bike in the future, but the wider frame will look wide on a bike that is intended for the narrower frame.

Bikes that have two size frames listed would choose which frame according to whether they have side tour bags on their bikes.

*** NOTE: Motorcycles with the bags that open to the side have limited opening ability when the Voyager Kit is installed. Honda Gold Wings, BMW R1200CL, BMW K1200LT only open half way, where as the Kawasaki Vulcan Nomad 1500 & 1600 only opens two inches.

*** We now have modified hinges for the Vulcan Nomad 1500 & 1600 that allows the side of the bag to come completely off so as to access the bag. (Kit for a Vulcan Nomad costs a $100 more. A refund of $100 given when old hinges are sent back to MTC, Inc.)
If your bike is not listed, please call us at (352) 262-4673 for development information.
•Atlantic 500 ('02-'05) (A)
* Vision 250R2 (A)
Trike Man USA Voyager Kits, US Flag
The Trikeman USA
Voyager Convertible Trike Kits
•Rocket III '04-'06 (A or B)
•Rocket III Classic '04-'10 (A or B)
•Rocket III Touring '08-'10 (C)
•America '06-'10 (A)
•Speedmaster '06-'10 (A)
•Bonneville America '02-'05 (A)
•Bonneville Speedmaster '02-'05 (A)
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