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Bike to Bike Flexibility

Unlike permanent kits, the Voyager gives you the option of buying another motorcycle without having to purchase another convertible kit! (Different mounting hardware may be required.)

We can ship Voyager directly to your home or to our dealership. Allow approximately one to two weeks delivery. Shipping weight is 360lbs.
Voyager weight is approximately 185 lbs.

"I've been through 3 bikes in the last 4 years and I'm still using my first Voyager ... That's what I call value!"
Les Moore (Georgia)
Be Free to Choose

Choose 4-wheel touring convenience, or go back to 2-wheel excitement — in minutes! Your Voyager leaves you free to choose how you ride, whenever you ride.

* Your choice: 4-wheel stability, or 2-wheel fun
* Easy on, easy off convertible — takes just minutes
* Easy steering
* Reduced front end shake
* Better stability in grass, gravel, oil and rain

The Voyager Warranty

The Voyager comes with a one year warranty on all parts and labor from date of original purchase. The warranty covers repair and replacement of all parts on the Voyager or attachment hardware that is defective due to manufacturing. Any damage due to abuse, lack of adequate maintenance, road hazards, or collisions is not covered under the warranty agreement.

"Twice the fun, one third the price of conventional trike kits ... with no 'permanent' commitments!"

"I go from 2 wheel fun to 4-wheel stability and back again in minutes. That's Freedom!"
To see if a Voyager kit is available for your motorcycle.
What comes with the Voyager?
The Voyager frame
Instruction manual
Instructional DVD on how to install
Instructional DVD on how to ride
13" 14" or 15" wheels
Automotive grade radial tires
Fenders in your choice of gloss black or primer
All hardware necessary to install the Voyager on your motorcycle
Unlimited tech support from The Trikeman
Factory support 6 days a week
The Voyager can be installed on your motorcycle in 2-4 hours.
Additional time is required for accessories such as lights, etc.
Free Shipping to all 48 continental states
Trike Man USA Voyager Kits, US Flag
The Trikeman USA
Voyager Convertible Trike Kits
We love our customers!
The Voyager is not only affordable at $3,895 (basic kit) but quite simply the most established and proven bolt-on conversion kit on the market today. Founded on the principle of innovative design, and quality construction, Voyager is the original convertible kit, and the ONLY bolt-on wheel kit which has had everything on it engineer-tested by an independent testing firm. Also, Voyager is the only one of its kind holding several US patents, as well as a proven track record. In fact, the Voyager has been manufactured since 1998. There are over 15,000 units (and growing) on motorcycles and scooters today.

Voyager kits can be installed by anyone who has basic mechanical abilities in about 2 to 4 hours, and we also do professional installations. If you have any questions or concerns, we are available 6 days a week to answer ANY technical question you may have. As the number-one dealer for Voyager in America, and this being our primary product, you can rest assured we will
know the answer and be glad to explain it so as to help you to achieve a proper installation.

*About Motorcycle Jeff, “The Trike Man:” What started as a hobby (36 years ago), a strong passion for motorcycles, and a continuing desire to help people, and excellence has developed into a business. I absolutely LOVE what I do! I help people to continue to ride, or fulfill the dream of riding, but more safely. I must say that I'm having so much fun! I meet the GREATEST people, and feel a sense of fulfillment knowing that not only am I helping people, but that they will be SAFE as well. In every kit we sell or install, I strive for honesty, integrity and the highest standard of excellence possible.
The Trike Man will treat you like family!

We also sell and install Motor Trike, and know quite a bit about other products that are available, so you’ll get an honest, unbiased opinion based on facts, not hearsay, or rumors.
Why not give us a call or email today, and join The Trike Man family.
Voyager Standard
*Shown with optional fender shields
The Voyager Classic
$4,995 Fiberglass fenders, wiring harness, your choice of
black or primer gray. (Tail lights
are incluced)
The Voyager Standard
$3,895 Your choice of black or
primer gray. Wiring harness and tail lights not included.
The Voyager Custom
$4,595 Fiberglass fenders, wiring harness, metal back panel.
Your choice of black or primer gray. (Tail lights are incluced)
The Voyager Ultra
$4,655 Your choice of black or primer gray. Includes wiring harness.
(Tail lights are incluced)
Several different ways to get the look you want!
(352) 262-4673
Or just dial
For hardware kit information click here.
To view our
Demo Video
To view installation video library
To learn more about Voyager and tour the factory click here.