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View a Voyager Video, Motorcycle Jeff, The Trike Man
View a Voyager Video, Motorcycle Jeff, The Trike Man
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Voyager Convertible Trike Kits
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TECHNICAL QUESTIONS: Unless you are a Trike Man customer, please consult with the dealer you originally purchased the Voyager from, or the factory. Thank you. We almost never have used kits for sale here at the Trikeman. If you have found one and have questions, refer to the charts below.

To determine if a Voyager kit from another bike will work on your bike, and what hardware/suspension combination you will need, please read the Bike Information chart below. Hardware kits are MOTORCYCLE SPECIFIC. If the Voyager SUSPENSION COMBINATION is not correct, it might still work but don't count on it. You can shorten the springs, but NOT the forks. If the springs/forks are too short, it will positively not work.

*Thanks to the bike info sheet below, there is no need to call us with fitment questions as we do not have any more information than what is here, in the charts. We only go by what the Voyager factory chart below indicates.

HARDWARE KIT PRICING: The price for hardware kit is $719, and that includes everything that mounts to the bike including a new axle if required, new jack stands, and an installation manual. This does NOT include The Voyager PORTABLE KICKSTAND, that is $42 extra.

SUSPENSION KIT PRICING: A suspension kit is $434 plus shipping. That includes both forks, leaf springs, and ALL new suspension parts.

PARTS: Unless you are a Trike Man customer, we do not sell single parts such as axles, or axle brackets only; sorry, but we only sell hardware or suspension kits. For those smaller items please contact the manufacturer @ 1-877-434-7901.

If you wish to have a copy of this chart for later viewing, printing, etc. click here to download the .pdf file.
To learn more about Voyager and tour the factory click here.