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View a Voyager Video, Motorcycle Jeff, The Trike Man
View a Voyager Video, Motorcycle Jeff, The Trike Man
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Q: What does the Voyager come with?
A: The Voyager frame
-Instruction manual
-Instructional DVD (if available) on how to install
-Instructional DVD on how to ride
-13" 14" or 15" wheels
-Automotive grade radial tires
-Fenders in your choice of gloss black or primer
-All hardware necessary to install the Voyager on your motorcycle
-Unlimited technical support from The Trikeman

Q: What is the difference between the Stanard & the Custom?
A: Please click here for that answer.

Q: If I choose a larger wheels size, how will that affect the ride height / clearance of my bike?
A: It will have no affect. The Voyager will be adjusted for that wheel size, ride height won't change.

Q: Do you ever get any used Voyagers? Do you have any for sell now?
A: Rarely, but when we do we recondition them and sell the units at 90% of normal retail value, with a warranty. At this time we have none available.

Q: I’m looking at (or have) a used Voyager, how do I know if it will fit my bike? What parts will I need? How much will it cost?
A: Please see our BIKE INFO SHEET on the MODEL LIST page.

Q: Can I install it myself? How long will it take?
A: Yes. Anybody with basic mechanical skills that is fit enough can do it. A helper is a good thing to have, and you must be able to follow instructions. Some bikes come with instructional DVDs, but you can visit our INSTALLATION DVD LIBRARY (click here)

Q: Do you make a reverse for my bike?
A: Only if it is a Harley Davidson big twin 1984-2012

Q: Do you think I will need a reverse?
A: Not usually. See, what most folks don’t realize is this; when backing up a motorcycle the rider is doing 3 things at once. 1- Balancing, which takes physical AND mental energy. 2- Pulling it back. 3- Navigating. With the Voyager, all you are doing is pulling (or pushing if you’re off it) back & navigation, MUCH easier even with the added weight! Also, strategic parking helps a lot w/o reverse.

Q: Do you offer any financing?
A: No, sorry, but we have had great success with banks & credit unions. Also, sometimes credit card companies will increase your credit limit if you request that, and usually they will have good interest deals for large purchases.

Q: Is it harder to steer with the Voyager? Will I need an E-Z steer?
A: No, another benefit of the Voyager system. If your upper body strength is good, then you will probably be able to handle it with no problem, but there is a learning curve that takes different time with different riders. This is with ANY trike.

Q: Can I still use my saddlebags / trunk box?
A: Yes. In fact, it’s better if you have those already; it fills in the void between the Voyager fenders & your M/C fender.

Q: Will I need to paint the kit?
A: The Voyager comes in either high gloss black, or primer grey. Usually, black fenders with a black seat, and (example) red fenders will look good. Put some tape pinstripes in the Voyage fenders, and it will look GREAT! Click here for an example.

Q: Will the exhaust heat interfere with the back panel of the Voyager?
A: If the bike has stock exhaust, no. And as long as the pipes do not extend past the tip of the rear fender, you should still be fine. Worst case; have some turn down tips made at your local auto muffler shop.
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