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Trike Man USA, US Flag
Voyager trike kits are great for economical conversion to a trike kit, especially if you wish to change back and forth from trike to 2-wheels. However, for some folks there is no desire to switch back and forth. For those who wish to convert to a trike permanently, The Trikeman
U. S. A. offers the Champion conversion kits.

Champion's mission is to provide their customers with an enhanced traveling experience by delivering distinctive, innovative, high-quality motorcycle products and accessories at the lowest price with on-time deliveries.

A key to Champions continuing success has been their willingness to listen to their customers and to be responsive to their riding needs. Their product styling is innovative, with a focus on ease-of-installation and maintenance, and their products continue to be the best value-for-price on the market today. Look at em all, ride as many as you can, and then pick the best ... a Champion!

The Champion trike kits can be installed by the end user, with clear instructions provided, or if you prefer, The Trikeman U. S. A. will install the kit for you.

Below is a link to the Champion website. Check over their offerings and then contact The Trikeman U. S. A. for the best price and service.
(352) 262-4673
Or just dial
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